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    Default Help po Pricing for Kalampag Repair

    Good day to all Advisors,

    Sir my car is Toyota XL 94.
    I've observed kalampag (tok tok lagatuk) noise especially in the driver's seat area, not much in the front passenger's seat. Lumalakas lalo kapag sa daang di pa aspaltadu. Inuna ko kasi muna mga works sa engine side ng car, kaya now ko lang bibigyang pansin ang matagal ng "tok tok",hehe!

    i have read from other topics that possible to checks are the following:

    1. Ball Joint
    2. CV Joint
    3. Bearing
    4. Bushing( rack & pinion )
    5. Rack end
    6. Tie rod

    Papatulong lang sana ako with the pricing, suspecting one or more in the list needs to be repaired or replace. para lang po prepared ako financially kapag dinala ko na sa talyer.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Help po Pricing for Kalampag Repair

    eto brother ang may pinakamura at well experienced na underchassis shop

    check the link so you can see the map and their prices, FREE ESTIMATE AND CHECK UP SA KANILA


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