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    Default Anyone who owns a feroza here?

    Just want to know if any fellow tsikoteers own a feroza? Any thoughts on the reliability and dependability of this vehicle? My old reliable is a 99 model. We've been through thick and thin. several floods we've crossed and muddy and wet roads negotiated. I used to owned a mitsubishi lancer gli 95 model. But everytime it rained heavily and the streets become flooded, then I have to stay in the office for a while before the flood subsides. It becomes a habit sometimes to spend the night in the office, and it is really a hassle. So when the opportunity came, I decided to change my ride to Feroza. From then on, I never experienced sleeping at the office. So far, I have no headaches with maintenance. I don't have problem with spare parts because Banawe is a rich source, or sometimes within Evangelista in Pasay. Honestly, I never got to experience 4-wheel driving, so I haven't got to chance to test the vehicle's mettle and true grit. But, overall, I am a satisfied owner of this little truck. It never let me down. There, just to share my experience with my old reliable.

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    Default Re: Anyone who owns a feroza here?

    There's a Feroza owners group on

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    Default Re: Anyone who owns a feroza here?

    My uncle has one of the last units sold before they stopped selling 'em.

    A Feroza has joined us in one of our aid missions to Mount Pinatubo. Got bitten by the off-road bug. Naka-lift and winch na yata ngayon.

    Monmendoza of 4x4ph has a Feroza converted to diesel.

    I've driven one. Personally, a Suzuki Jimny is more civilized but still both are pretty crude machines. I like them for their heavy duty nature. Those accustomed to driving mild mannered cars need not apply.
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    Default Re: Anyone who owns a feroza here?

    i need help with my feroza, the engine needs overhauling but my mechanic told me that the parts are hard to find and expensive that i should be selling it. is there a shop you can refer where the engine can be fixed or where can i buy surplus engine. someone even told me to convert it to a diesel engine


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